Hello Lamer Gamers! 

Our MAIN QUEST is to give you a podcast with a combination of gaming news, views, and rumors, Now featuring a popular BONUS POINTS topic where we reach out to the Lamer Community to get some bonus points of view on a hot gaming topic. 

Podcasts that don't follow these two formats are considered SIDEQUEST episodes with a specific focus such as rantings, ravings, "nerd alerts", Top 10's, games vs history, and more! 

You can also find us on Twitter @lamergamerscast where you can follow LamerTravis and Rowdy5000's wacky antics and see updates on the show! 

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Latest Episodes

Lamer Must Die!

In this episode Rowdy gets abducted by a spider leaving Travis alone to talk about the latest gaming news (Sony State of Play, Aeon Must Die Controversy, Nintendo &...

The Anthem of Samurai, Bug Guts, and Craig!

The Lamer Gamers talk about the Animal Crossing Summer Update 2, 343 responding to the Halo controversy and Craig, Anthem changes coming, Carrion selling like amorphou...

SIDEQUEST! Xbox Games Showcase and more!

In today’s special sidequest episode we’re going to take a bite out of the infinitesimal Nintendo Direct Mini which featured games that were not Nintendo 1st party gam...

The Prophecies of Lamestrodamus

The Lamer Gamers talk about Ubisoft Forward (including Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Watchdogs Legion, Brawlhalla Mobile, Hyperscape, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6, a...

Lamer Direct

In today’s episode we'll be talking about the Devolver Direct, Treehouse Live, new Nintendo Online games for July, Forager coming to Game Pass, Xbox Series X rumors, a...

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